30 May 2009

Marsya's Birtday Party

Finally, it's d-day ! Marsya's big day is finally here - her birthday party of course. Penat giler akak berkejar ke sana ke sini. No doubt I'm not cooking the food but getting everything in place can be quite challenging actually.

The food......yummy !!!!

Pagi2 dah keluar - started with the Pizza. Bought 2 large & 2 extra large pizza @ Dominoes. At first I thought I would just buy 4 large pizzas but then takut pulak tak cukup. Bak kata org2 tua kannnnn - biar terlebih jangan terkurang.

Happy Birthday Princess !!!!

Done with the pizzas, rushed to KFC pulak. Bought 2 buckets - 1 original & 1 spicy. Then, the birthday cake. Luckily all these purchasers are in close vicinity - otherwise mau terkangkang2 akak mengejor semuanya. So, the cake is @ Secret Recipe, Pandan Indah - Chocolate Indulgence, RM 87 bucks gone from my pocket ! Last but not least, are the cup cakes. Fortunately for this, they are sent to my house.....lega skitttt.

Cut the cake, girl !!

By the time I reached home, it was already close to 2.30 pm. Oh my God !!!!! The party should start @ 3 pm. Mamposs!!! So many more things to do, too little time - how larrrr ????? Chocolate fondue tak double-boiled lagi, fruits for choc. dip tak siap lagi, drinks tak buat lagi.....pinggan mangkuk tak kluar lagi.....panic alert...panic alerttttt !!!

The musical chair game...faster, grab the chair !!!!

Anyway, di sebalik kekelam kabutan ini, the party managed to take off rite on dot, perfectly - with the help from the birthday girl herself, of course. Phewww.....I'm such a super woman !!!

Poisonous Box - my girl gotta sing !!!!

Marsya's special guests


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