19 May 2009

Happy Birthday Bro !

We celebrated Ji's (my brother) 35th birthday tonite. His birthday was actually yesterday but since he's on the evening shift, so we have to postpone it to today. It's nothing much la - bought him a cake which is my favourite Pralinosa ( hmmm....who's birthday is it anyway?? ). On top of the cake, I bought some satay ( as what he wanted ) which doesnt taste that really good.

So, that's it ! A small party for my bro ! Boy, he's 35 already ! You know, a younger brother would always be "young" to your eyes no matter how old he can be. Everytime I look at him, I only see a 15 year old boy rather than 35. I treated him like small kids sometimes. I just cant change that perception, not to him......not to the other lil brother & sister of mine. I guess, they would stay like that forever - the same way Marsya being the lil princess to me !


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