16 May 2009

My Henna Experience

Marsya did this to me. She make me do it......she was begging & begging me to do it. She even offered to pay for it - that's how much she wanted me to put this henna on my hands. We went to Jln Masjid India earlier where we bumped into this henna services. That was when Marsya started begging me to go for it.

Frankly I've never ever did it before - not that I'm against it but I just don't feel the need of doing so. Anyway, just to please my Princess, I've decided to give it a try. The process doesnt took that long - maximum of 5 minutes only. Anyway, that might heavily depending on the design you've chosen. As for me, I have my own beauty consultant to choose the best design for me.

The charges are between RM 5 - RM 7 per hand. The more complicated the design is, the pricey it would be. Marsya chose the RM 5 design for me - a simple floral design. It would have been nicer if it's been done by the professionals rather than the road-side kindof service. The lines are big & fat when they should be very fine & thin so as to show as much details as possible. On top of that, the colour is not so red & outstanding enough.

The verdict : dont really like it. Looked messy on my hands. Maybe the next time I should try the professional service & compare.


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