23 May 2009

Party Preps.

For the past 2 days I've been very busy doing shopping & preparations for Marsya's birthday party which is gonna be this weekend. I think I am more excited than Marsya herself. Like today, after came back from the shopping trips, I've spent the whole evening preparing the stuffs for the Goodie Bags. The Goodie Bag will consist of mainly food la like Twisties, sweets, jelly & chocolates.

For the chocolates, I've packed them in this cute lil packing, tied with a pink ribbon. Inside are the red & gold heart-shaped chocolates with paper confettis which I did myself (very tedious ) ! Spent at least 2 hours just to do 20 pcs of these. Letih akakkkkk !!!

Since this is gonna be the gurlz party, I've also include these crystal bangles in the Goodie Bag .......aren't they cute ?

Looking at myself with all these preps., I just cant imagine how would it be when Marsya's getting married nanti......mahu 3 bulan akak kena amik cuti, mengalahkan pengantin !


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