25 February 2011

Appreciating Birthdays

People react differently to their birthdays - some would throw a big party for themselves, some would starts counting wrinkles on their faces and there are those that really care less & treat it as a day like any other.

What does birthday really means (beside being the day you were born to this world). When we mention the word "birthday", all that comes to our minds are parties where friends & relatives are invited, gifts are unwrapped & delicious birthday cake is served. Birthday has always been greeted as a of celebration where fun is the top priority.

Often the real meaning of birthday is forgotten behind all these celebrations - which is ultimately celebrating your life. You being alive is something to be celebrated for - regardless of how bad your life currently is. It is a day where one should thank God for making who you are today. If it wasn't for Him you wouldnt be able to be here in this world. A non-existent you would be. Instead, here you are breathing, living and celebrating yet another year of your life with all the great things that come along.

People often don't realize the things they have until they are gone. Life is no exception. Nobody knows how much time we have left ? For all we know, we could die tomorrow. So not only should you appreciate each of your birthdays to the fullest, but you should also appreciate each DAY to the fullest. Be grateful for all your accomplishments, for having friends and family, health and for having the luxury of living each day.

Appreciating your birthday means appreciating your life and nothing has any value in life unless you give them a meaning. Make your birthday special by appreciating it and wishing to live your life to these fullest.

Tomorrow I am celebrating my 41st year being in this world. To those who are celebrating it too, my best wishes & happy birthday.

Celebrate life !


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