28 February 2011

My Birthday Lunch

CT took me out for lunch at Santai as my birthday treat. She knew I love that place & taking me there wouldnt be a mistake at all. I really like the food there being their ABC as the top of the list. So far, I still couldnt find any other place that can make an ABC as good as them - let alone better ! Theirs are superbly good - not too sweet, not too milky & the stuff they put in the ABC are all to my likings - they dont have nutmegs in it !

The table was too small that we need to put our drinks on the chair

However, I didnt order the ABC this time since the food itself has occupied most of the space in my tummy already. We had white rice with Steamed Fish, Seafood Tom Yam, Chilli Squids, Kankong Belacan & Fried Taugeh.

As expected, the food were really good - especially the steamed fish. All the three taste of saltiness, sweet & sour were very well blended. There's only one word I need to describe the dish : PERFECTO !!!

With my 2 lovely daughters.......mummy loves you !

To CT : what more can I say but thanks from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for letting us to be a part of your life & sharing a portion of your heart with us.


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