26 February 2011

Surprise !!!

It's my birthday today ...... Happy Birthday to me - another year older yet another year hotter ....... wooooo hoooooo !!

As any other Saturdays, my day starts with my power-walking at Ampang Hilir Lake. Morning walk is simply the best - it refreshes your body while at the same time boost up your metabolism to kick start your day. Inhaling the fresh morning air gives you such a wonderful feeling.

Coming back from the lake I was greeted by such a pleasant surprise. Waiting in front of my house is a guy holding a bouquet of roses in his hand. There he is waiting patiently for me with the sweetest smile carved on his face. Immediately my eyes sparkled looking at him ( or perhaps the roses? ). I wish I could just fly to him that instant moment.

It would have been super romantic if the guy is somebody I loved or at least knew....hehehe. Unfortunately he's just a delivery boy who came to deliver this lovely roses for my birthday :

To my sister in law, Ila - thanks so much for the flowers. They are such a lovely roses - as lovely as you !


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