25 February 2011

My Pre-Birthday Lunch

Carol & Ija are so kind to treat me a pre-birthday lunch today. Actually it's not only them but Lin & Ain too but both simply cant make it. Ain is too sick ( poor girl ) while Lin is bz with her studies. Too bad.

It was Carol's idea to go to The Apartment @ KLCC for the lunch - based on good reviews given few people. Since I've never set my foot there yet, so off we went.

The place was okay - I mean, the look of it. It's like other restaurants along the same stretch where you can choose to sit either in or out of the building. Since it's quite hot these days, we opt to be inside. But then, it doesnt really make that big of a difference since it's still warm & humid inside - that we need to move to a another table a bit further from the door.

This is what we choose from the Tapas menu which would act as the appetizer :

My rating : 1 over 5. The chicken is a bit too dry & it's salty too. The sauce on the chicken is too garlic-ish & while the sauce on the side is a bit too cheesy for me (but Carol loves it ).

For our main dish, I ordered Lamb Rack (RM 38.90), Ija ordered the Sirloin Steak ( RM 45.90 ) & Carol chose the Chicken & Mushroom Pasta ( RM 24.90 ).

I can only comment on my own dish which is the Lamb Rack. It was ok, I would say. The meat is tender & quite juicy. But then, one thing with me is that I cant eat this kind of thing on its own. So, I asked for a black pepper sauce which turns out to be okay. So, I'll give 3 out of 5 for my Lamb Rack.

I thought of skipping the desert since I cant even finish my lambs but those 2 clowns still insisted that I should complete the course since it;s my birthday lunch. So, not to disappoint them I proceed with the desert :

Mine choice of desert was Mocha Panna Cotta ( RM 12.90) while Carol took the Caramel Custard Tartlet ( RM 10.90 ) and Ija went for Baked Chocolate Pudding ( RM 16.90 ) which took about 20 minutes to prepare.

Turns out Ija's desert was the best among three others. At least it's worth waiting for. Mine was okay except for the sourish strawberry sauce which I dont feel it's good combi with the mocha Panna Cotta. A chocolate sauce would be better.

All & all it was an okay lunch - it could have been better if the restaurant invested on a few sets of new powerful air conditioner. Service was really good. Thumbs up to the waiters.

Last but not least, again thanks to my buddies - Carol & Ija for the wonderful lunch. Not forgetting Ain & Lin (plus Ija & Carol too) for the birthday ang pow. Love y'all ! Muahhhhhh !!!!


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