28 February 2011

The Birthday Cake

After the great lunch, we went to play bowling @ Flamingo, Ampang. Honestly, bowling has never been my interest. And my daughter, Marsya is using my birthday to get her to play bowling. Instead of doing something I like on my birthday, I'm actually giving ways to her - all in the name of love.

My SIL & her 3 daughters joined us too. The original plan is to go to Time Square but thinking of the traffic & limited time we had, Flamingo is definitely a better option. For an amateur bowler like me, any place will be just fine. And to be frank, the less crowded the place is, the better.

Noriah & The Gang

Among 7 of us, I am of course, the worst. I really dont have a thing for bowling. Out of 10 games, I could only hit the pins twice - and I'm not talking about dropping all the pins here - this is just to HIT the pins. The rest are just to simply clean the drains at both sides of the alley.

Gaya aje gempaq !

After the bowling, we headed home. Noriah & CT who were in a separate car reached home later - with a cake in their hands. That was totally a surprise for me. It doesnt occurred to me that they would stop on the way to get the birthday cake for me.

Happy Birthday Yummy Mummy !

The cake was a moist chocolate cake & was not bad after all. Thanks to Noriah & her 3 angels for their thoughtfulness. You guys really make my birthday a special one indeed !


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