14 February 2011

It's That Time Of The Year Again

Today seems to be a special day for some of us. It's a day many been waiting and look forward for. To those who are celebrating Valentines Day, I hope you've made today as one of the moments you'd cherish all your life. To those who are not celebrating it, you dont have to wait for one special day to say the word of love - dont wait, express it when it's due.

Concurrently with the V-Day, my annual performance appraisal is also being carried out today. I hate appraisals & I'm sure most of you feels the same way too. Performance appraisal to me is just one big, fat waste of time. There you are trying your ass out to list down all of your contributions to the company for the past 12 months while to your supervisor, it is just a mere fault-finding session.

No one says what they really think. The process is not designed to encourage honest exchanges between employees and managers. It’s a time to struggle against the normal rating our manager gives you and the desire to get our raise for that year. While we tried very hard to obtain a better rating, our manager would try as hard to bring it down.

In my case it's even worse as my manager didnt even know whether the appraisal is actually related to the annual salary increment ! So, even if I did excellent in my appraisal by scoring 5 points flat, it doesnt mean I'd get a fat increment as well. So, tell me watta heck are we doing this appraisal for then? How I'd wish I could ask her that question. But then knowing the fact that I have a mouth to feed, I'd better just keep my mouth shut.

So, how was my appraisal then? Frankly, I dont really give it a shit. What goes around comes around. We get back what we give. And for the amount of effort I've put on my work everyday, I am lucky I still got my job. But dont get me wrong here. It's not I came to work everyday just shaking my legs doing nothing. I still get all my tasks done but up to what I am supposed to do only. Nothing more. No extra effort. No extra hours. And most importantly, no ass licking.

Anyway, I'm still grateful I am not on the other side of the coin i.e. at the managerial position. Reviewing one's performance is twice harder than being reviewed itself. To deliver a negative feedback to somebody by telling them they are not good enough is one thing I am totally not good at. I'm quite sure I wont be able to sleep for at least 3 nights if I were to do that.

One man's cure is another man's poison !


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