23 February 2011

Dead Bored

It has been ages since the last time I updated my blog. A few of my frens start querying about my well-being. To those who cares, I am not sick. Neither am I in any kind of shit that stops me from writing. I'm just too tied up with my work......blahhhh. I lied !

I was even busier before but I could still write. The truth is I'm just plain lazy. Too lazy to get these fat fingers to punch the laptop's keyboard. And too lazy to squeeze out ideas out of this idle, lethargic brain of mine. Do you think this might be an aging factor since my 41st birthday is just around the corner? Could be, isnt it?

So, what makes me decided to write today then? Honestly I dont really have anything interesting to share here (apart from men bashing which has always been a pleasure to me). The thing is I am dead bored - all of my accomplices are not in the office today.

My right hand accomplice is on leave ( Carol, how could you do this to me??? ). The other one is on medical leave ( Ija, I've told you to take the Vit. C supplement to ease that sinus of yours.... degillll !!! ). And the last one is on half day leave ( Lin, after all the free food I've fed you with, how could you have the heart to leave me all by myself here...huhuhu ).

I dont know how many times I've knocked my head on the desk out of sleepiness. I've downloaded all the scrapbook freebies for the day. I've checked out all my favourite cooking website for new recipes. Gone to all the necessary sites for the latest celebrity gossips. Done them all. Gotten all my daily fix to start the day with.

But then with all that done & dusted, I still couldnt get the engine running. Urrrgghhhhh !!! I've been staring at the same datasheet for the past half an hour and yet nothing happen. And that's how I end up writing this entry. I just need to do something to boost that dying energy in me. I need the motivation to kick start the day since my regular dose of inspiration are absence.

Besides helping me getting out from this very, very sticky situation, maybe at the same time I'll get back all the inspirations to update my blog as regularly as it used to be. May the silver lining be there for me on those thick gray clouds up above.


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