04 April 2011

ABPBH 2010 - My Views

Noticed that I havent been blogging for quite some time already. Reason being, I simply dont have anything to blog about, dont have any guys to curse and nobody seems to piss me off lately. After the Lat show, nothing really interesting takes place in my life. Everything are pretty much the same which revolves around these two places : home & workplace.

I missed blogging & I thought I should rant about something today. My intention is to post an entry earlier but my brain doesnt seems to be working at all. The only thing this brain is able to project is telling me to sleep. I had a terrible day trying to stay awake at the office today - all bcoz of ABPBH 2010. And that's what I'm gonna blog about this time.

Anugerah Bintang2 Popular Berita Harian 2010 was hosted by Kak Engku, Sharifah Shahira & Zizan. They were all okay - funny, witty & very entertaining. But my vote would be for Usop Wilcha who appeared at the very end of the event to announce the winner for the most popular star of 2010. The audience were screaming frantically the moment Usop Wilcha appeared. To those who didnt know who Usop is, please go and watch Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah. I'm sure you'll love the character as much as others. Support the local movies..... woooo hooooo !!!

The excitement of watching this event immediately dies off the moment Pasar Sendat was announced as the most popular actress for the Drama category. It was such a spoiler - big time ! But then thinking back, well she was quite popular last year though not by her acting skills ( obviously duhhhhhhh ) but more to the cheap publicity of her failed love stories. And considering that the rest of the nominees were not as controversial as her, it's not a surprise she'd won it.

Besides Pasar's winning, another disappointment for me is the absence of my Abg Mie (Sohaimi Mior Hassan). Abg Mie is supposed to perform along with Ana Raffali but his place was taken over by another not-known singer.....huhuhu.

Anyway, I' m still glad Mr. Superman won the Most Popular Male Singer - he looked amazingly awesome with that black glasses & his long hair neatly tied in a pony tail......you rock FT !!!

Credits to gua.com.my for FT's fantabulous pic.

And as usual, Yuna impressed me with that unique voice of hers. She was singing while playing a musical instrument I myself cant figure out what - and there she is gracefully playing with it while uttering melodious words through her beautiful voice. Simply fabulous !

I am not gonna say anything about the rest of the winners as I'm not their big of a fan. Anyways, my congrats to Fafau for winning 2 awards for the most popular female DJ & TV Presenter. With Fafau winning the most popular female DJ would certainly puts Linda Onn in the "off" mode for good!

Siti Nurhaliza who opt not to participate in the competition this year did the closing performance. And as far as Siti is concerned, even if I'm paid to spot her flaws, dont think I could actually do it as I'll forever be biased. All I can say is that, she's a great singer with a great voice. Period.


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