07 November 2008

Remember Me?

Lexi Smart wakes up in the hospital and the last thing she remembers was from 3 years ago. She wakes up with a new life, a new look and a newly acquired marital status...she's married! That's the brief synopsis about this book from Sophie Kinsella which I've just finished reading.

I have been Kinsella's fan for quite a while now ever since I read her Shopaholic series. Remember Me is a fun light read & I enjoyed reading it just as all of her other books. Finished the whole book in 2 nights because I wanted to know the ending so very badly.

I've been wanting to read this particular book for quite some time actually. Saw it on the shelf while looking for one of the Shopaholic series few months back. Unfortunately, the price doesnt really matched my budget (for books in particular). So, i said to myself that I should wait for the paper-bag version since it's much2 more cheaper (about twice the price). Later, we (me & Carol) found out that Mei Yin owned almost all of Kinsella's book. Thank you God! So, for the next one month or so, I need not to worry about my storybooks supply anymore. You're an angel, Mei !

Back to Remember Me. My favourite part of the book is the sunflowers scene..... soooooo romantic. It doesnt sounds real though (c'mon....which guy would do that??? ) but I dont care coz it makes me smile and starts dreaming.

For those Kinsella's fan who havent read this book, go grab it now. It's a must-read !


  1. i'm suggesting the sunflowers scene to my hubby.. good to have that.. u never know when u'll get the amnesia

  2. hehehe...good idea ain. so, are you gonna have an affair too - so that somebody could help you out when you get the amnesia?? hehehe (evil grin)