06 June 2009

Mee Udang @ Kuala Sepetang

Mak Teh should seriously consider me to be her Mee Udang Ambassador - by the way I posed

Harini akak & Ded buat keja giler lagi....hehehe, another episode of Jalan2 Carik Pasal. It was already 1 pm when Ded sent me an sms asking me whether I wanna go to Kuala Sepetang wif him. We've been planning for this trip since last month but there're always obstacles along the way - asik tak jadi jer. Even today pun not in plan coz he's supposed to go to his fren's wedding in Kedah. But he got ditched by his fren - & that's how this new episode of Jln2 Carik Pasal started.

We took off from KL at approximately 2 pm. Took the old road sebab nak pekena laksa kat Laksa D-Pokok @ Kalumpang (http://cindai-sutera.blogspot.com/2008/11/kellies-castle.html ) - laksa depa memang marbelessss. From Tg Malim, then only we head for the highway.

Didnt know Taiping is quite far ( betapa ceteknya ilmu alam akak...huhuhu ). We reached Taiping at approximately 6.05 pm. At that time, both of us are praying so very hard - hoping that the Mee Udang is still available. Kalau tak, mau ada yg bunuh diri rasanyer.....after driving for 5 hrs, who wouldnt???

Along the way to K.Sepetang, there are a lot of other Mee Udang stalls available - macam2 nama....Mee Udg Mak Miah la...Mee Udg Mak Jah la....but no signage on Mee Udang Mak Teh at all - the supposedly to be the best Mee Udang in Kuala Sepetang. Anyway, later then we realize that Mak Teh didnt need any extra promotion for her stall. Nobody would miss the place as the crowd is enormous. Lots & lots of cars & people at both sides of the road......cam ada karnival Sure Heboh la pulak kat situ. I'm sure the crowd are due to the publicity the place got from the review made about them in Majalah 3 not so long ago. On top of that, it's the weekend plus the school holidays.

We reached the place at about 6.30 pm. Lots & lots of people - eating & waiting as well. Besides the Mee Udang, Mak Teh has diversified her makan business - there are also Satay, Udang Bakar and Yong Tau Fu available. But obviously it's the Mee Udang that brought all those people to that place - some thing you cant find elsewhere.

We were lucky as we dont have to wait that long. Anyway, the waiting for the meal is quite a torturous moments. We waited for almost 45 mins for the food to arrives at our table....yes, that freakin' long! Muka Ded akak tengok dah semacam dah. Dia kata pakkal je lah dtg dari jauh, klu tak sah dah angkat kaki.



Anyway, the wait is somewhat worth it la. The Mee Udang is marvellous, with lots of fresh prawns it it - 8 nos. altogether, very fresh & sweet in taste. The one we had is RM10/bowl. I then tapau for Ji the RM6 ones which have a smaller but more prawns (10 nos) in it. Menurut sumber2 yang boleh dipercayai, yg RM10 tu, udang laut whereas yang RM6 tu udang bela. But honestly both taste the same - couldnt really find the difference in their taste - memang sah lidah tak gi sekolah.....hehehehe.


So, for those who have the intention to try this particular Mee Udang, better start planning now before the quality get deteriorated as most of other makan places. Out of 5 stars, I'll give 3.5.


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