06 January 2011

Farewell 2010, Hello 2011

Goodbye 2010 & welcome 2011. This year has gone so fast that I'm still not quite sure if I've had a good or bad year. There have been some ups and some downs, as usual. But honestly, it has been a great year for me. It was really good that I cant even think of any bad happenings for the entire 2010.

2010 started very well with me celebrating my fabulous 40th birthday - the best age anybody could ever asked for. Welcoming the big "4 oh" at a grand restaurant with my besties was really awesome. It was one of the best moment of my life. And just before that - I've actually won myself a lunch voucher from the local radio station. For somebody who rarely won anything in her life, winning that voucher is considered big. Huge !

Then, came the trip to Korea where I've got to spend the whole weekend there - which gives me the opportunity to visit all the beautiful palaces & gardens in Seoul while getting to know their culture & history. It cant get any better than that, isnt it? Or should I include the marriage proposal I got as one of the good things for 2010? Hehehe....in a way, it was a good thing, I would say (though it's not something I've looked forward to).

2010 has also been a good year for my tummy too. It's the year where I've explored lots of makan places with my dear frens - the celibacy club members to be specific. We had such great fun together trying out all kind of foods around KL. Good food with great company - simply astounding !

It is also the year where I've traveled to Kota Kinabalu with my family. There are 5 of us altogether & it was fun & laughter all the way. The KK trip was filled with tremendous sweet memories - except for the part where I've got a diarrhea on the last day of the trip. Terribly horrible experience !

Come to think of it, there are too many good things in 2010 that I just couldnt possibly list them all here. The Broga Hill adventure, Batik Fun Walk, Christmas party, making new frens with my own readers ( ct, anita, syaz, sunny and jenny to name a few) and not forgetting the newest member in my family - Ahmad Amsyar, my new nephew.

With all these in hand, 2010 has to be considered a good year. And for that, I am so grateful to Allah for all the blessings He has given me through out the year. I pray & hope things will be as great, or even better for 2011 and the years to come. Amin.


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