14 January 2011

The Title-less Entry

I know I'm bad. I know I'm harsh. And I know I can be really mean too at times. - especially towards the other gender. My men-bashing issues have often triggered the anger from the opposite sex. Lots of the guys' tentacles have been flicked & egos being slashed.

People, generally men, hated me for what I wrote. They hated me to the extent of calling me sluts, idiots and 1001 other bad names they could come up with. Truths are forever painful. Rather than analyzing the facts, these men jumped right away when the truth are being thrown to their faces. They leave vulgar comments to screw me up for all the true facts I've revealed about them.

One of them could even asked me why am I still harping on the same issues. Why cant I write about something else and stop condemning the males? There are millions of blog out there in this virtual world. There are cooking blogs, food blogs, travel blogs, gossip blogs but men-bashing blog ? Well, it is something very rare & unique, isnt it? I'm just different from the rest and for that, I stuck out like a sore thumb !

For the hundredth of times, again I'm saying this : This blog is my own personal blog. Neither one of you are invited nor prohibited to read whatever I wrote here. If you think that my blog is one whole bunch of shit, by all means just leave. Even if I keep on loathing on the same issues every now & then, and even if I decided to be one self-obsessed bitch, it's my damn fucking business coz this is my blog, for crying out loud !

I am not writing to gain popularity. Neither am I writing to get any of those many blogger awards around. This blog does not generate any income to me. I wouldnt have to skip any meals if no one were to drop by at this blog. And my blog didnt owe anybody a single cent that I should adhere to their preferences. So, why the fuck should I write just to please some of you, sick readers out there?

I hope I've made myself loud & clear - especially to this shorty who left the following comment for my yesterday's entry, Tall vs Short :

hai knp la engkau ni sakit agaknya. bawa2 buat cerita lain. kau ni pesal takde benda yg senonoh yg ko nak buat. OMG please for heaven's sake. tapi nak buat mcm mana yer since well i hv lost words for you. i am so sorry for you. siannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Adios amigos !


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