24 January 2011

When The Dumb Gets Dumber !

Many Malaysian men still using women-only coaches

Kuala Lumpur (The Star/ANN) - The coaches clearly carry signs that they are for women only, yet many men get into them and race with women for the seats.

While some men claimed ignorance, others just did not care.......

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I was totally amazed after reading this news. Wow ! Guys are are really that stupid, arent they ? Their stupidity simply leaves me speechless. I know they are stupid but this is way, way far beyond that. Looks like all of my thoughts about men being stupid all these whiles are not a skepticism remarks after all - it's one hard solid fact. Woooo hoooooo !!!!

Guys, c'mon..... it has been more than 9 months since KTM launched the female coach services. Dont tell me you are so ignorant that you dont even know the existence of this special coach? Seriously, just how long do you guys need to make those cells in your brain starts working?

This is the thing with guys. For us women, no matter how ignorant we can be with what's going on around us - seeing a coach filled with guys, we dont even think twice not to step in. On the other hand, guys will react differently (tell me something new !). Even if they have to pull a stunt to get onto the coach, they are more than willing to do so.

The moment they saw the coach with only ladies in it, their thinking capability will automatically being taken over by their dicks. Simultaneously, their brain will immediately stop functioning, followed by the rest of their senses (which is why they cant even differentiate the right coach for them).

So guys, dont hate me for criticizing your species. It's clearly not my mistake. With all these male stupidos & stupidities around me, how can I not to? (~ smiling from ear to ear ~ )


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