13 January 2011

Tall vs. Short

To all males who happen to bump into this entry, my thousand apologies if some of you get offended with the issue I'm about to discuss herewith. I am in no position to condemn God's creation, what else to belittle men in general though it does gives me some kind of satisfaction writing all these (you cant blame me for being honest here, cant you?)

Did any one of you notice that there are lesser and lesser tall guys around? The world is now dominated by shorties ! The amount of short guys in our country has been exponentially increased with time. Where are the tall ones? And I havent started talking about the good looking ones....duhhhhhh !!

I've made an observation whenever I am in the public be it on the street or at malls. When I looked around, all I'm seeing are the short ones. Out of 20, I cant hardly detect one...just one tall guy. Let alone finding a couple of them !

Ok, when I said tall here, it would means 5' 8" and above. Anything lesser that that is considered short by my standard - coz I am 5' 3". So, if it just 1" or 2" above me, that's considered negligible coz the majority of time when I'm out of my house, I'll be on my heels which is at least 3" of height. So technically, I am 5' 6" which is why my standard for "tall" starts at 5' 8". Fair enuff, isnt it?

Honestly, tall guys are slowly extinct from this part of the world. They have slowly becoming the endangered species it seems. Sometimes, when you are at the food court while having your food, you could see some good looking guys sitting across your table. Not bad, you said to yourself. But then, the moment he's standing all the interest you had earlier just died. As if they have been electrocuted - zapppp & it's gone. It's another shorty....huhuhu.

I dunno about other females, but for me, this is how I do the maths on tall versus short guys. For tall guys, they'll immediately earn extra 10 points for their height. It always starts with the height. Then comes the rest of the evaluations - face is a bit out, minus 1. Excessive fats around the waist & tummy area - minus 2. Flat ass - minus another 3 (to some extent, I'd even minus 4 or 5 - depending on how flat it is :P ). Great sense of humour - extra 2....so on and so forth. So, by the time you are done with your evaluations, tall guys still have at least 5 points left with them.

Now come the shorties. From the very beginning of the evaluations, 10 points need to be deducted from them due to the inadequate height - leaving them with only -10 (minus 10) for a start. With all the additional subtractions & add-ons of points during the evaluation process, they would end up with a mere 1 or 2 points the most & that's if their lucky. Some could even end up with minus points - especially those big headed cows. How sad, isn't it?

I know I am bad. I also know that it's something beyond their control or wish. Everybody is this world would wanna have a perfect look - tall, dark & handsome for the guys and voluptuously beautiful for the ladies. What does all those physical qualities got to do when you have a good heart, right? But the thing is, finding a guy with a good heart is as hard (or even harder) as finding a tall guy. And bear in mind that it's not the good looking ones who often messed up with their woman's heart & trust - it's those ugly ones, most of the times. Not enuff being ugly, they have to compliment it with their ugly attitude as well. Bravo !

A guy once told me this : the shorter the guy is, the bigger his ego will be - because they feel the needs to “prove” themselves to their taller peers. Do your own observation & surprise yourself with the result. I've done mine & all I can say is that, it's extremely true !


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