06 January 2011

My Unfulfilled Dreams

As last year been a good year for me, 2011 doesnt seems to follow the same trend. Marsya dropped a bomb yesterday by handing me this letter :

This is how she gave me the letter (which was written in Microsoft Powerpoint, by the way - that's how advance kids are nowadays !). The moment she clicked open the file, she straight away ran into her room - quite a normal act from a girl who is very much aware of how crazy her mummy could be.

Actually, I already see it's coming - the fact that she doesnt wanna play piano anymore. I could sense the rejection through that tiny fingers of hers whenever I make her practice her music notes. I knew, somehow or rather she's gonna let it out and it is just a matter of time (or courage) before she could actually call it a quit.

She was quite surprised I didnt get fired up after reading her letter. Why would I? Though it was her who wanted to learn piano in the first place, but what's the point of pursuing it when there's no more interest left in her. I dont like putting pressure on my daughter to do something she doesnt enjoy. I myself would hate it very much if somebody force me to do something I dont like. So, I have to be fair to her also, isnt it?

Honestly, I am disappointed. Truly disappointed. Apart from the money I've invested in buying her the piano 3 years ago, what disappoints me more is the fact that she wont be able to achieve my dreams for me. I've always wanted to learn to play piano when I was small but obviously my parents cant afford it. So, when Marsya told me she wanted to learn, I was so thrilled & excited. If I cant play it myself, having my own daughter playing it for me is more than enough. ~ big sigh ~

Looks like I have to resort to Plan B. "Able to play piano" would be one of the specs. I need to add into my dreamed man's minimum requirement list - apart from being good looking, tall, rich, smart, six-packs abs, big bikers etc etc....hahahaha !


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