12 January 2011

Why I Like Attending Weddings

Since I am still in the wedding mood, my next entry would still revolves around the same subject. I dunno about you guys but for me, I just love attending weddings.

1. I get to dress myself up. Though most of the days I do dress up to work but what makes weddings so special is that I've got to dress up in my traditional attire that is the baju kurung. Besides Hari raya, wedding is the only occasion I can be seen in baju kurung.

2. I get to use my fake eye-lashes. Weddings gave me a good reason to put on my fake eye lashes. I love using it so much but to use it on daily basis is very, very troublesome. I have to spend at least 15 - 20 minutes just to get it right due to lack of practice. Looks like I need more wedding invitations to specifically master this skill.

3. I get to meet old friends up. It's during weddings where some of my old & long lost friends suddenly appear before me. It's a great opportunity to catch up on each others latest updates and stories. And if I'm lucky, I'll even bump into my old flames too - which is why looking damn good is my top priority for the event.

4. I get to see lots of beautiful things. First and foremost, the bride would most of the times looks gorgeous. No matter how ugly they can be but on that very special day, you could see the glowing & radiance sparkled on their faces. Everything that revolves around weddings are beautiful. The bride, the wedding dress, the gifts & hantarans, the guests & even the canopies look awesome.

5. It simply makes me feel good. Weddings are a celebration of joy & happiness where everything & everybody around you looks & feel great. Being beautifully dressed up, looking pretty, having good food, surrounded with smiley faces everywhere - well, all these just lift up my mood & spirit instantly. And the best thing is, this feel-good feeling would normally last in me the whole day long.

Weddings are just too beautiful to be missed - be there & feel good !


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