11 January 2011

Farrah's Engagement

Last Sunday was the most memorable day for my friend, Farrah as it was the day she got engaged to her handsome Mauritius beau. They are such a lovely couple who are really made for each other very, very well - as the Malays say it "bagaikan pinang dibelah dua".

Look how adorable they are !

The ceremony was held at Farrah's place in Cheras. The house was beautifully decorated with the presence of all her close friends & relatives to share the joy. We managed to get there on time after a few u-turns & SOS calls made to Farrah - Google maps really failed me this time.....where the heck is Jalan Kinabalu ????

Apart from Farrah being super gorgeous, I love the pelamin too. It's just so sweet & simple - which is how it should be as this is just an engagement ceremony. Being there I cant help it but to reminisce on my own engagement way back in 1993. I was still a studying at that time - so gatal isn't it?

I really have to upload this favourite pic. of mine as I looked as awesome as the bride herself (my apologies for this overly self-obsessed statement )

Back then, wedding itself is so simple with no such things as wedding themes, nice canopies, expensive hantarans, wedding planner etc. When the wedding can be that simple, imagine how the engagement would be. I still remembered the super plain beige coloured kebaya I wore that day which I bought at Globe Silk Store for only RM49.90 ! And that's about it - with just a talcum powder on my face & a streak of lip gloss on my lips, I waited patiently in my room for the ring to be inserted through my finger. Too bad the pictures are in my hometown - otherwise I could have upload it here for a good laugh.

Well, those were the days.......looking at how much it developed, I wonder how would it be during Marsya's time. Well, if she intents to have a grand event for both her engagement & wedding ceremony, she only have 12 more years to find herself a rich husband (this is based on her own wish to get married at the age of 24). Otherwise, she might end up like her mummy too - but since Globe Silk Store is no longer in business, Tang Ling would be the next best option !


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