06 April 2011

I Wish I Could Dear.......

Me & Marsya were watching our favourite TV series, Glee last night - it's not that we havent watched that particular episode but we just dont get tired watching it. At the end of every episode, they will always show a clip of their performance excerpt from a random episodes of the series.

Last night's was the one where the Glee casts were singing for Burt (Kurt's dad) & Carole's (Finn's mum) wedding. They were performing such a beautiful song from Bruno Mars, Marry Me during the procession down the aisle. I am so loving that song very, very much especially when it's the Glee kids who are singing it. Simply awesome !

Upon seeing Finn & Kurt's teary eyes during the wedding, I then shoot Marsya a question. Would you cry on my wedding if I were to re-marry, dear? Without even a slight hesitation, she replied, "nope !". Taken aback by her answer, I asked her why, since it's gonna be the most happiest day of my life & arent she gonna be happy for me?

With a straight face she told me this : "Mummy, of course I would be happy for you but it wouldnt be entirely. No matter whom you're gonna marry, I know I'm not gonna like him to the fullest. And just to let you know, I would only cry on your wedding if it's between you & Ayah Botak ( my 2nd ex-hubby who is Marsya's step dad )" - meaning that she wanted me to re-marry him.

At that moment, I just stood there - frozen. How I'd wished she would asked for something else like an I-Phone or something. Which mother doesnt want her kids to be happy? It's every mother's wish to fulfill each of their kid's dreams......but just what can a mother do when her kid is asking for the impossible?

Sighing the longest sigh.........


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