27 April 2011

Shit Happens !

It was drizzling when I left the office that day. Since I've always got tricked by the weather, I decided to still changed into my sports attire & hoped that it wont rain in Ampang. Unfortunately, it still did which means I've to cancel my jogging routine for the 2nd consecutive day .

It was at the MRR2, coming from Pandan Jaya - right at the junction on the Pandan Indah flyover where me & my beloved red scooter were at the mercy of the tarred road. The road was obviously playing a very dirty trick on us where an oil spillage were used to nail us down. I was lucky that my red scooter wasnt at it's full speed when it happened. Thanks to her that not even a scratch managed to be on my body except.......

If people were to ask me what is the most expensive part of my body, my answer would be no other than my knees. As of today, both of my knees are worth at least RM 25K where both sides have undergone the scope surgeries. And now, due to the accident I had a ligament tear - which occurred at the same vicinity i.e. my knee.

It got swollen right away & bending it is just so impossible. I went to see my orthopedic the day after & since mine is the 2nd degree ligament tear, a surgery is required. Honestly, the word surgery doesnt scares me at all (since I've encountered a few during the past years of my life ). What freaked me out was the fact that my left leg will be on cast for at least 6 weeks !

The moment the doctor said that, everything came rushing to my mind - my daughter, my house, my work and most importantly my sister's wedding. With only one leg in function, I'll be good for nothing. My dreams of flaunting my dresses for the event would have to stay as a dream forever......huhuhu.

But then, come to think of it I am still grateful it's just my ligament that's been torn. For all I know, thing could get worse !


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