07 April 2011

Liar Liar

I was listening to Light FM this morning where they were discussing about a girl's dilemma of having a chronic liar as her friend. Listening to it reminds me of my own similar experience years ago.

I once had a friend who can be considered as a chronic & compulsive liar. If human are like Pinnochio, her nose would have been as high as KLCC by now. Nobody's a saint, everybody lied but normal people lied for a reason. A chronic liar isn't someone who tells the occasional white lies. Simply put, these type of people made lying a habit. As far as lying is concerned, they are smooth operators when it comes to their art.

This friend of mine would have been a perfect female if and only if she stopped being a liar. She had everything a girl would ever wished for - beauty, brain & wealth. But God is great & nobody could ever wins all. She might be perfect through the naked eyes but the truth is she's not that perfect after all. What's the point of having everything in this world when you dont even have somebody you could call "friend".

S was my classmate for 1 year during my secondary years. At that time nobody actually knows her dark secret. We were then "re-united" when I bumped into her at a shopping mall. It was such a pleasant moment for both of us to be together again after so long. In a short time she then got re-connected with the rest of our gang.

After hanging out with her for a few months, bit by bit of her true characters were slowly surfaced. Each one of us would always end up with different set of stories about something from her. Lets say she bought a new dress. She will tell me she got it from Pavilion, to A, she've gotten it from KLCC and to B, it's a gift from her aunt. Can u see how severe it is?

This is what a chronic liar is. She could lie faster then a fly could fly and lied so much that her tongue knew no shame. Becoz of this psychotic behaviors of hers, we've nicknamed her 20% - coz out of the 100% that came from her, only 20% can be trusted. Come to think of it, we've been quite generous by giving her that much - realistically, her words worth less than that - no even close to 10%, I would say.

Knowing how sick she was, everybody slowly distanced themselves from her, including yours truly. We would always look for reasons not to hang out with her anymore. Nobody could tolerate her lying any longer but none of us could actually have the guts to tell it straight to her face. Being and brought up as a Malay, that is one skill we would never acquired - to be blunt, especially to your own friend.

So, the best thing is to ditch her out of our life - for good. At one point it makes me feel bad as well but to continuously playing a part in her drama is something I just cant put up anymore. Most of the time, it'll left me feeling very betrayed & frustrated. To walk away is the only thing I could do to save my own sanity.

" You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time"
~ Abraham Lincoln ~


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