06 April 2011

My Twitter War

Didnt I tell you before that Twitter is fun? Calling it fun is an absolute understatement actually- it should be called super-duper fun instead!

Today, I've just started a war in Twitter. It all started when I intentionally poked a male blogger by saying I dont like him and that he's a yucky. This is not new - I myself is a blogger & for people not liking what I wrote is considered normal. I have tonnes of haters ( which primarily represents the other gender, of course) out there who wished they could just spit on my face for the thoughts and views I posted every now & then.

This butt-head Obefiend seems to get really offended when a hot chick (that's ME !!! ) publicly announced that she doesnt likes him. Realistically, not everybody could agree with everything that we blogged about but looks like this guy is trying to defy the truth. He must have thought that he's likable by all & being poked by a female really gotten his ego crushed to the core.

I admit that I'm the one who started the war here. One of his entry somehow or rather flicked my antenna (which seems to be a bit longer these few days due to hormonal change), which resulted with that comment of mine in Twitter. And I have a feeling that things might not end up this severe if I were a man. A guy being condemned by his own kind wouldnt get hurt as much as it does by a lady. When a lady did that, it is as if a big huge rock being smashed onto his balls....ouchhhh !!!

I do understand his frustration of being criticized that way but he shouldnt have used the vulgar words in his approach to defend himself. Being a professional & serious blogger as he portrayed in his blog, I'm sure there's a better way to correct me (if he thinks I'm wrong).

Which person is sane enough not to get pissed if being thrown by these kind of language? Apparently, in this millennium era more and more uncivilized people appearing right in front of our eyes. - the kind of people who are dumb enough to expose their stupidity out in the public. It proves that he is a yucky indeed !

His last tweet to me immediately loaded my system up & I'm all out for a counter-attack. And before he knows it, I've sent 3 tweets in response to his last ones - the best 3 tweets in my whole twitter-life......with the last ones being the best ever ! Boy, am I proud of myself !


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