06 April 2011

Muahhhh To LHDN

I got a shock of my life yesterday upon checking my letter box. There's a letter with a sign that reads "Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda" on the envelope which instantly increased at least 10% of blood rush to my heart. Okay, what now? - I asked myself.

Apparently I did nothing wrong. In fact, it was a reward for being a good citizen....chewwahhhh. I was in the lift when I opened the mail & the dimmed lit lift suddenly becomes so bright from the glow which comes from my sparkling eyes the moment I saw what's inside it.

It was a cheque from LHDN for my tax refunds......woooo hooooo !!!! Praise to Allah for this wonderful gift of his. It was really a pleasant surprise as I didnt expect to get it this fast. It was less than a month ago when I did my tax declaration through the E-Filing system & now I've gotten the refund. Already?

What more can I say but many2 thanks to LHDN for their efficiency. You have indeed brightened up one of your tax payer's day ! Bravo !


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