01 June 2011

The Wedding Story - Introduction

I was in Kuantan since last Saturday i.e. the first day of the second semester's school holiday. My youngest sister is getting married in a week's time & I wont be able to be back this early if it's not becoz of my injured knee. My plan is to spend the entire 2 weeks of the school hols in Kuantan...... such a bless isnt it?

I had been busy since the first day itself. Coming from a very small family, everything are on our own shoulders. We dont have lots of relatives to help us out with the wedding preps. Luckily things are much easier these days with money in the picture. Most of the major things like food, canopies, pelamin etc are being contracted out.

As usual, my job has always been in the arts & crafts department. I am not the best but since I am the most arty & creative person in the family, anything got to do with arts & deco. are being pushed to me.

My first project is to make the wedding placards that will be placed at a different locations to guide the guests to the wedding venue. Here's what I've end up with :


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