03 June 2011

The Wedding Story - Akad Nikah

The akad nikah is the first ceremony in any Malay weddings. It is a ceremony whereby the father of the bride will pass his responsibility of taking care of his daughter to the groom. It is also the time where the groom shall promised the bride to take care of her for the rest of his & her life. I wont say it's a changing of vows since the bride doesnt need to say a word during this ceremony.

The tense is more to the groom especially during the part where he has to say those few magical words in accepting the bride to be his lawful wife. It's not just two words of "I do" - it's much, much more than that & it has to be uttered in one breath.

Some did it once.....some twice......& those with nervous breakdown could end up saying it couple of time before all the witnesses could approve it. In my sister's case, her groom did well. Once & for all, she has become his. Well, as a Captain in the army, nervous shouldnt be in his dictionary, isnt it?

As of today, Aida has moved into a new dimension of her life. Marriage is a beautiful thing but dont expect it to be a bed of roses all the time. Marriage is not easy, by all accounts - as marriage is all about compromise, trust, respect & sacrifices.

I do hope Aida dont go into thinking that things are going to be the same as when they dated. Marriage may just be the next step to those who think they are in love. They have had a great time dating, and have no idea how much things will change when they marry. Marriage requires hard work and commitment for it to grow and mature. It is nothing like dating.

And to Aida & Azrul.......I wish them the very best of luck & may they live happily for the rest of their life !


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