16 June 2011

Akob Patin House

I had the opportunity to visit this infamous restaurant while in Kuantan on my last day of the recent school hols. Heard of this place from my sis a couple of times already but didnt really get the chance to make a visit. 

It was last Wednesday that I finally gotta step foot to this much talked about restaurant in Kuantan. We were on our way back to KL & since it's nearly lunch time, my mum suggested to stop by at Akob Patin House for lunch.

The moment I saw the restaurant, I immediately understands why it has becoming the most famous makan place in Kuantan. It's the location - being located by the Kuantan River definitely gives them the advantage. They've got the best location for a restaurant. Not only you can enjoy the food, patrons could also enjoy the view & the soft breeze while having their lunch.On top of that, parking is not an issue at all as there are ample parking space provided.

Akob Patin House is located in Tapak PCCL, Jalan Besar i.e. by the Kuantan riverside, behind the old KWSP office and the old Samudera Hotel building. The only setback to this place is that, they are only open during lunch hours. If you planning to come by, do get there around 12pm or it'll be tough to get seats as it'll be swarmed by huge crowds by then.

Akob Patin House is a self service restaurant where they have an array of of Malay dishes which you'd take with white rice. Most of their dishes are those local malay dishes like tempoyak pucuk ubi, sayur batang keladi, kerabu, etc. It was already 1 pm when we got there, hence not much are left.

Their specialty is of course patin masak tempoyak. I've been told that there are usually 2 different types of patin available which is Patin Sangkar and Patin Buah, the latter being more expensive. The gravy is thick and the aroma and taste of tempoyak is very prominent, which left you drooling without even realizing it.

None of us actually took the Patin Tempoyak as we just had it at home a few days earlier. Our total bill (for 4 person) was RM 23 which is ok considering that we took mostly vegetables only.

Just look at her empty plate - another satisfied customer !

If you happened to be in Kuantan, do find some time to drop by at this place - especially if you are a malay food lover like me. One thing I can promise is that, you'll be surprise of the resemblance to your mum's cooking ( or even better ).


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