11 June 2011

Drama Queen

It has been the 4th week since I had the surgery on my knee. As advised by my doctor, I could apply 100% pressure on my operated leg already since last week, which means I wont be needing the crutches to move around anymore :-)

Nevertheless, looking at mt swelling knee still worries me. My disability to completely bend my knee kept on fretting me. If the current situation persist, I wont be able to do all those outdoor activities I used to enjoy and worse still, I cant put on my heels anymore....huhuhu. Anyways, better chuck aside those worryings & frettings as they wont take me anywhere. Positiveness helps healing & being positive is what I should be focusing on doing.

I saw my orthopedist earlier for my bi-monthly follow-ups. Honestly, I was quite worried about this appointment.

When there's a will, there's always a way !

Yesterday was my appointment with my orthopedic at Ampang Puteri Hospital. This particular appointment was a bit special as compared to the others I had before. I've been worrying sick a few days prior to the appointment day. For the previous follow-ups, I went to with my leg see him with my leg braced up & crutches underneath my arms. This time around however, both are no longer presence which means that I'm getting better.

It's not the "getting better" part that worries me off. You see, this kind of thing is like a chain reaction - getting better -> satisfied doctor -> MC discontinued -> GET BACK TO WORK !!! And THAT my fellow readers, is my greatest fear !

With 2 hectic weeks behind me (due to the wedding & all), I am totally, ultimately not ready to be back into the ruthless corporate world - not just yet. I've been doing a lot of thinking as to how to get myself out from this predicament which has been cracking my head for the past few days.

What if the doctor doesnt wanna extend my MC? What if he thinks that I'm fit enough to work (though I feel otherwise still)? Should I just as him to grant the MC? Even if I were to do it, is my skin thick enough for that matter? Question after question kept on pounding my head, one after another leaving me gasping for more & more air to breathe.

After some wise thinking ( ??? ), I've come up with 2 options : Plan A which is the master plan & the back-up plan as Plan B. Plan A would requires me to be a bit dramatic at the hospital. As mentioned earlier, since last week I've been moving around without the crutches & leg-brace. But to execute Plan A, these 2 things are my main props. I'll put on the leg-brace & use one crutch to walk which should be enough to convince my doc. that I'm not that fit yet to work. With a bit of luck & some acting here & there ( like frowning & cringing maybe ), I should be on the right track.

So, with one crutch under my arm I marched to the hospital with confidence. It was only when the nurse called out my name that I realized I've forgotten to put on my leg-brace. Damn! Damn! Damn! I started cursing myself. But God is great. The moment the nurse opened the door to the doctor's room, instead of an old looking guy sitting inside, it was a gorgeous looking man smiling at me. Such a magical moment !

Apparently my doctor was on an EL & was temporarily replaced by this young & handsome doctor instead. So, it was a double joy for me. Not only I could pleased my eyes drooling at him, I've gotten the extension to my MC as well. It's like having your favourite ice-cream topped with chocolate & all sort of stuffs on the top.

Thank you Allah for your continuous blessings.

p/s : Plan B, by the way is to just thicken the skin on my face & ask for the MC !

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  1. Lama betul x buka blog kak intan. Biar pun ni cerita dah lama tp lawaklah kak intan ni. That's why farah suka lepak sini. ;)