26 June 2011

Cara Cara Sunkist Oranges

Looks like I dont have any other things to blog about that I end up talking about oranges ! Actually, that is partly true...hehehe. Being a full time housemum, there's nothing much going on around me except for my kitchen activities which I enjoyed very, very much.

Anyway, what's the story-mory with these oranges then? It's just something knowledgeable I would like to share with you readers. I am not really sure how many of you knew how many types of Sunkist oranges are there in the Malaysian market?

For those who didnt know, based on my observation there are two types of them : Navel & Valencia, the latter being the common ones. Pardon me if there are more since I've only came across these 2 types only.

Few months ago however, I discovered another types of Sunkist oranges - it is called Cara Cara. As nice as it sounded, this particular type is superbly good. Cara Cara oranges are nothing like Navel or Valencia. It is three times sweeter & juicier.The first time me & Marsya tried it, we just cant stop. We end up finishing all 6 pcs at one shot. It tasted too nice that we just couldt stop ourselves from enjoying the fruit.

Not only the taste is different, the colour of the pulps are also different. While the other two are orange in colour, Cara Cara is more like reddish-orange. When I first cut the fruit, I was quite surprised looking at the colour - not the normal colour I would see for an orange.

The only setback for this wonderful orange is the availability. I've been to most hyper & supermarkets & none of them has this Cara Cara oranges except for these two places - The Store in Pandan Indah & Mercato, Pavilion. Even at these 2 places, it's not that they are available all the time ~ sigh ~

So, the next time you wanna buy some oranges, look for Cara Cara. You wont be disappointed !


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