26 June 2011

Etude House Moistfull Mask

I was in Etude House few weeks ago looking for their infamous Magic BB Cream. But it's not their BB Cream that I'm gonna talk about this time. This post is gonna talk about their face mask instead.

I have been looking for the right face mask & "right" here means cheap & good....hahaha....looks like I am looking for the impossible, right? I've tried a few sheet mask before like Garnier, Olay including the famous Taiwan's mask - Beauty Diary but the thing is, all these sheet masks kinda took a toll on my wallet after some time (so cheapskate meh ???? ). Like I said earlier : cheap but good...hehehe.

So, while wandering in Etude House that day, I was introduced to their massage mask by the salesgirl. While the sales girl was busy explaining to me the goodness of the mask, I on the other hand was busy checking the price out. For a 180 ml content at RM 30+, it is certainly value for money. Without waiting for the salesgirl to finish, I immediately grab the huge tub & straight away walked to the counter.

So, here's how it went...........

As stated on the label, this jelly mask contains Baobab Tree extract to supply skin refining moisture. And it is a 3-way mask : You either use it as a massage cream, as a rinse-off mask or as a sleeping mask ( leave it on for the whole night and wash it off in the next morning ).

I used it as a sleeping mask & the result is really satisfying. I would normally wakes up to a dull (almost dead, to be honest) skin but upon applying this sleeping mask, my face feels exceptionally smooth & hydrated. Simply awesome !

What I love most about this mask is actually the smell. It has a very sweet rosy smell which gives me such a pleasant feeling when I'm on bed, waiting to fall asleep.

So, if you have a second thought in buying this mask before, dont hesitate. Grab it & enjoy !


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