02 June 2011

The Wedding Story - Henna Day

The bride to be, Aida is scheduled to get her hands & feet drawn with the henna today. And I was assigned to send her to the henna saloon since I thought of doing the same to my hands - not those complicated design but just the simple ones. Some people doesnt find it nice to have these henna designs drawn on their hands but for me it's something very artistic & nice - depending on the artist who did. I've done it twice before of which both are quite a disappointment.

That's Ana henna-ing my nails

Anyway, we have actually coloured our nails with henna the night before. My mum, Aida, Marsya, Ana & myself (Aida's BFF) helped each other to make sure the henna were perfectly placed on the nails. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ana for her great help. Thanks a million !

The henna artist whom Aida engaged is Suraya from Damia Henna Arts. According to her portfolio, she worked with various celebrities before like Nana AF for instance. Suraya took about 1 1/2 hours to complete the task - both hands (front & back) and both feet. This service cost Aida RM150 which would mainly meant for the workmanship since the henna wouldnt cost that much, I believe.

But then, overall it was okay. The end result, though it was not 100% perfect but can be considered as satisfactory with no smears & such. The only thing that I would be complaining about would be the colour of the henna after it has dried up. Rather that radiant red (as advertised in her website), it looks purplish instead. To me, henna means red - no other colour but red.

I thought of getting my hands henna-ed too but after hearing the price, I immediately changed my mind. It's RM20/hand which I think was a bit too much especially when the design is nothing that fancy. So, in the end only Marsya got he hands henna-ed for RM10/hand.


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