10 July 2011

Bravo Bersih 2.0

It's finally Friday - the most awaited day for the week as it is the gateway for another wonderful weekend. As a norm, Friday night is the night where I'll be meeting up my BFFs for another dose of good food & good chat.

You see, when a group of 40s (who still feel they are in their 20s) meet up, all you can expect is havoc. The moment we're together, all we ever care is to talk, laugh & kutuk-ing each other where possible, as if it's only us there. We're too engrossed with each other's company that even if Brad Pitt suddenly walks in, none if us would have noticed.

Last night was another rendezvous for us all & AU3 was chosen as the venue. Being a Friday night, bad traffic is expected everywhere in the city especially along MRR2. However, things are a bit different this time. The forever jammed packed highway doesnt look the same anymore - it's so clear that it only took us less than 20 mins to get there.

Pandan Indah main road has never been this clear on Friday night !

This is all due to the Bersih rally that is scheduled to take place in Saturday 9th. The paranoid BN government has been actively scaring the rakyat about this rally for the past few weeks that most people avoid from coming down to KL.

I am not saying that I support illegal demonstrations or street rally....but what do you suggest the rakyat to do? There's no freedom of speech in this country. We will have to face the risk to be detained under the ISA law if we're brave enuff to voice out our opinion.

Perhaps first thing to be considered is, why should they stop the rally - if it is a peaceful ones? I would say a democratic country should allow peaceful rally. BERSIH promotes awareness of fair election and suggests improvements to the current election systems, why should it be stopped for such good intention? To earn the respect from the people, the authorities should make violence as the last resort. They definitely have the choice to manage the crowds without using violence.

Anyway, I just would like to salute all the heroes and heroines who had been part of this most memorable movement in our Malaysian history. Thank you for trying to make this country a better place for us all & the next generations to come. Bravo !


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