08 July 2011

Pallazo Pant - The Review

Remember the pallazo pant I bought from the net recently? I was quite pleased with their service, by the way. They were very fast. I paid them today & the next day, wallahhh.....it's delivered to me already !

Tried it on the moment I could get hold of it - am so excited since this is the first purchase I ever made through the internet. My greatest fear is that the clothes woudnt fit me since I am not in the small / petite category where they never encounter such a problem.

All & all, I am satisfied with my purchase and the pallazo fits me perfectly well as though it was tailored for me * happy *. The material is okay - not that t-shirty type where it'll stick to my body like a swimming suit. Hence, there's no worries on VPL (visible panty lines) or my camel toe being exposed out in the open. I am glad they used a brown buttons instead of black as it does gives an impact to its looks. And it would be nicer if they include pockets too !

I've always loved pallazo pants - they are cool, comfortable and effortlessly chic, I would say. For somebody with a small hips like me, pallazo is a saviour as it adds a bit of curve and shape to my figureless shape. And I pesonally feels that it is also good to camouflage big hips.

Pictures : Credits to Mr. Google

So, how do we wear this pallazo pant? IMHO, pallazo pants are best worn with a slim-fitting top to balance out the volume on the bottom half. And use heels to complete the look. The flare bottoms can make the wearer looks shorter if these trousers are not worn with heels. Finally, the choice of material is also important - the lighter the fabrics are the better as it'll gives the pants plenty of drape and flow.

The model-wannabe.....

So, why not upgrade your wardrobe with this airy wide-legged pants? Be adventurous - add some excitement to your clothings. Who knows that guy you've been eyeing on all these whiles would finally noticed you !


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