01 July 2011

Long Live The Queen !!!

For the past few weeks, the Bersih rally was the most talk-about issue in all means of mass communications to the extent of making me puke already. Hold your breath as it's not about Bersih that I'm gonna rant about this time. As a matter of fact, it's nothing less controversial either.

I was at the hospital the other day for my surgery follow-up & was reading the papers to kill my time while waiting for the doc. And for the record, it was Utusan Malaysia & as usual it is full with junks to propagate the government ( tell me something new duhhhh !!!! ).

Things got a lil bit interesting the moment I turned to the second page. The second page is by the way, called "Album Hari Ini" where it was filled with pics of the happenings around the country.

The 1st pic. immediately attracts my attention to fully dissect it. It was a picture of the nation's VVIP's backbones - their women, that is. Though the picture of the glamorous Sarawak's Chief Minister was there, I was more drawn to the lady in front of her who is our very own Queen.

If it's not bcoz of the details provided for each pic, I wouldnt have noticed it was the Queen in the picture. I had to rub my eyes a few times to make sure that my eyes are not playing tricks on me. I know I am bad but I really have to say this : where's her sense of fashion, for god's sake? You see, money cant buy everything & style is definitely one of them !

I wish I could comment more but knowing she's the Queen, I'd better not to. For all I know, I might be detained under the ISA law if I were to pen down all these cruel & nasty thoughts I have in mind right now.

Anyway, seeing is believing - so, here's the said pic. :

.... a picture speaks a thousand words....

I rest my case.


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