05 July 2011

What ? Already ?

This is it ! The day I've been dreading to face - the day I am back to the office after 9 solid weeks. It was the longest period I've been away from the office (mind you, maternity leave is only 8 weeks ).

To be honest, I've been feeling the pressure since last week already. All sort of feelings have been playing around my mind and surprisingly "nervous" was one of them. Not really sure why I'm being nervous but being away from the office for such a long time makes me feel a bit out of the place. The sense of belonging was kindof missing from me which makes me feel somewhat like a stranger in my own office.

Coming back to work after a weekend itself is hard - imagine after 2 months ! Getting me out from the bed was really a challenge. It's not the waking up part that is killing me since I still woke up at the same time everyday during my sick leaves. It's the fact that I can no longer stayed at home doing the things I loved that kills me. No more watching movies in midday, no more baking in the evening & no more short naps in between ~ big sigh ~

Slow, sluggish & uninspired - that's how I felt the whole day. All I did was sitting in front of my laptop the whole day pretending to be working while my mind was wandering aimlessly trying to figure out where the heck those 9 weeks had gone to? I'll be needing at least a week or two to be able to get myself back into the humdrum of the work routine. It's not gonna be easy but what choice do I have. Well, at least I've got my buddies at the office that would help me going through it with less difficulties.

Anyway, it's being with my frens (especially my partner-in-crime who is sitting beside me) that I missed the most during my absence and being with them again is indeed a bliss !


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