07 July 2011

Sayonara Stinky Armpit

About a month ago I was in Watson looking for a deodorant. It was then that I noticed of this crystal stone thingy sitting side by side with other deodorants. Looking entirely different from the rest of his species immediately caught my attention to check it out.

It is a product from Total Image which is a natural mineral salt crystal that acts as a deodorant to combat body odour. Very interesting, I thought to myself while putting down the Nivea deodorant I intent to buy earlier. Why not give it a try then.

Anyway, the product information printed on the casing claims that crystal salt has been used for centuries in Asian countries and is one of the most effective remedies for body odour. Apparently, natural mineral salt is a great deodorant alternative for those with allergies or those concerned about the aluminium content in commercial deodorants.

Apart from that, they also claims that Smelly-No-More is an anti-bacterial, 300% more effective than other commercial deodorants and it is said to reduce perspiration without blocking the pores.

After a few weeks of use, I came to a verdict : mineral salt stick actually works ! It completely kills the body odour - really smelly no more ! I don't have strong body odour but I do get whiffs of it once in a while when I a bit more active than the normal days. But with this mineral salt stick, I am totally odourless - simply awesome.

If you happened to have BO problems, I suggest giving this a go - satisfaction guaranteed. There are 2 sizes available : 60 gm ( RM 16.90 ) and 120 g ( RM 24.90 ). To be honest, by looking at it even the 60 gm could last for years. Totally value for money !


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