01 July 2011

Hear Yie.....Hear Yie....

The image is linked - a click on it will take you to Cucina Della Mamma

I have an announcement to make to all my fellow readers. FYI, I've just created another blog under the name of Cucina Della Mamma ( which means Mummy's Kitchen in Italian ). There are hundreds of food blogs around & the creation of CDM is not to compete with anyone of them. I am way too naive & amateur to be even at par with them, let alone to compete with them.

It was Marsya who inspired me to create this blog & it was also her that I dedicated this blog to. I am neither a vampire nor a werewolf to be around forever. I am just a plain mortal who would one day leaves the world just like everybody else. And when that happens, Marsya wouldnt be able to enjoy my cooking anymore. Thus, this blog could at least help her to ease the pain of losing me by providing all the recipes of her favourite foods.....sob...sob.

I have actually removed all the recipes in Red Scoot On The Move & exported them to Cucina Della Mamma instead. Please feel free to browse those recipes & try them out if you'd like to. I hope I'll live long enough to witness Marsya trying out my recipes herself - and when that day arrives, it would definitely be one of the most emotional moments for both of us.


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