04 July 2011

I've Juz Got Spanx-ed !!

I dont know what has gotten into me yesterday that I spent the whole evening having a shopping spree - virtual shopping, that is ! I am a bit (not yet overly, I hope) obsessed when it comes to beauty & fashion and the fact that I am an easily influenced person doesnt help much either. Beauty & fashion are like a big curse to me & gotten myself near it has always ended me up with disaster.

I was reading the Beauty & Fashion forum in Cari.com yesterday though I am very much aware that I am putting my wallet on jeopardy, knowing how weak my self-control is. And as expected, I was indeed hooked. @#$%&* !

I came across a thread that is discussing about Spanx. Have you ever heard of Spanx? For those who has never heard of it, Spanx is a U.S. company who manufactures body shaping undergarments / shapewear to give the wearer a slim and shapely appearance. Spanx has been in the market for more than 10 years where a number of Hollywood celebs. ( Oprah, Jennifer Alba & Beyonce, to name a few) have been using it. Good thing I didnt know about it earlier, else I must have gotten a few pairs of them in my closet by now.

Ok, I know I am not fat ( though my mind kept on telling me otherwise ) but I still have a teeney weeney bit of muffin tops on top of my pants - some lumps & bumps here n there that I wouldnt wanna be seen by others. From the reviews I've read in the forum, this Spanx will help to smooth me where I needed to be smoothed, lifted me where nature has dropped me (LOL) thus enhancing my figure. Well, less is more !

FYI, I've never made any online purchase before except for some cupcakes & chocolates. I dont believe in paying money for things I cant physically hold & looked at. But then, I guess I've accidentally (or rather intentionally? ) break the curse & unleash the evil within (yeah..yeah..yeah....put the blame on them instead).....huhuhu.

After going through their website & browsing all types of products they have to offer, I end up buying the Slim Cognito Shaping Mid-Thigh Bodysuit which is believed to be the firmest control in the Spanx range. This bodysuit goes right up over your whole tummy to your bra strap ( and includes straps so you can fasten the suit to your bra if you like) - like this :

For every product displayed, the slimming level for each one of them is stated and that is one of the reason ( and price is absolutely not it ) why I've chosen this particular ones. And guess what its slimming level is - it's SUPER-DUPER, babe!

Since it's being shipped all the way from US, it'll take approximately 5 - 6 days to get here. I simply cant wait for that day to arrive & when it did, I'll let you know how super-duper it is...... hahaha.

Anyway, my shopping doesnt stop there ( dammit !! ). Like how people used to say it, the hardest is only the first time - the subsequent endeavors will be as swift as the eagle flies. And as swiftly too, my money is flying out from my wallet.....uwaaaaa !!!!

It's not entirely my fault to begin with. Here's the thing : I love Pallazo pants so much & it's not easy to find one good Pallazo pants since they are not that in anymore these days. I dont know whether to call it luck or simply doomed ( luck for bumping into it & doomed for having to spend more money) but I could now put my quest to rest.

I have finally found my dreamed Pallazo pants. And I really hope it'll be as good as it looks on my laptop screen. Not only it has to look good but also makes me look good in it !

Nice kan?


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