09 July 2010

Borneo Baruk Club

Me & a few of my BFFs had this arrangement on how to wisely spend our lunch time and this is how we've planned it. Every Thursday, we're gonna have lunch at a place picked by each one of us every week. This is the day where we shall rest our feet (since the other 4 days we will be busy measuring the area of KLCC & Pav) & indulge ourselves with good food while discussing about the business development of the oil & gas business across Asia Pac. Boohooo !!!!

So today being a Thursday, was chosen to execute the said plan or should I say, the lunch. For this pilot lunch, four of us ( Ain, Carol, Mei & myself ) are attending and the destination (as picked by yours truly) is the Borneo Baruk Club.

Borneo Baruk Club is one of the many clubs surrounding the building I'm working at. This particular ones however is quite unique in terms of it's architectural aspects. The exterior was built as a replica to the longhouse in Sarawak with striking totem poles in black and white motifs. The interior of the restaurant was modernly decorated with a touch of the traditional elements that gives the place a natural & local ethnic environment.

The Borneo-themed ambiance makes you feel very cozy & relaxed while enjoying your meals despite being in the headhunter's house. Yes, that's what "Baruk" means in the Bidayuh language. In the wilderness of Borneo, warriors return from hunting excursions to the Baruk to celebrate their victory, exchange stories of bravery and obtain information about other tribes. Not that much of a difference with all 4 of us who fought in the corporate battle everyday for survival. And we do have lots of bravery & success stories to share among each other, especially stories about the other "tribes" we're fighting with !

The mango cordial drinks

I'm not sure whether they have other food for lunch since we've only been given the menu for the set lunch i.e a 3 courses meal ( soup, main course & desert) + a drink. There are 6 options for the main menu which consists of westerns & local foods. Service was quite fast & smooth and I have to give credits to the waiter who replaced my 1/4 filled glass of spilled drinks with a fresh new ones !

Soup of the day - a plain soup with a few small chunks of carrot

There are 3 good reasons for me to come back to this place. First & foremost would be the quality of food. Their food was really good especially when it's only RM 10 nett for a 3-course lunch set. Not only it was good, they are quite generous with the portion as well.

The awesome main dish

The second reason would be the atmosphere of the place. Despite being by the bustling road of Kia Peng, the restaurant managed to create a cozy & warm environment for its patrons to enjoy their meals. The last reason is of course, its location. It is conveniently located in Jalan Kia Peng, across the road from Novotel Hotel, next to the Hakka Restaurant, which is just a few minutes away from my office. Great isnt it?

If you are wondering how the desert looks like, well we kindof missed it actually. We were so engrossed with the stories of the other "tribes" that we've forgotten our desert ......hehehehe !

To those who are working around the area, I highly recommend this place as one of the great option for your lunch escapade. It'll definitely satisfy your appetite without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Open time: Daily: 11am-3am
Address : No 1, Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2148 0015
Parking : Available


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