02 July 2010

The Rudeness Epidemic

Rude people, they are everywhere. On the road honking till you flipped. At the counter, cutting queues. At the office, ignoring your presence as if you are invisible. They are just everywhere! It is awful dealing with these people, and yet we must. And if we are not careful enuff, we could become one of them.

I myself face these type of people everyday. And it pisses me off to the core having to deal with them. These people can negatively influence ourselves, and at the very least, ruin our mood. It's not easy having to be around them particularly if you are kind and have a nice heart (like me). Sometimes I wish give I could them a dose of their own medicine, but really, what would that prove? It doesnt bring any good to either one of us.

If you wrestle with a pig, you'll end up being stinky like them! There's no getting around this concept. If you allow yourself to be at someone's level, you will only bring yourself down. Rude people are the way they are, and we probably won't be able to change them. Being rude is a classic display of a lack of class and I certainly never wanna be one them for I'm a woman with class - lots of them !

To all the rude population out there, listen here. You can be rude all you like but eventually you will find someone who is exactly like you. In other words, there's always a bigger, louder & more rude pig out there. And somehow or rather, karma would never fail finding its way to hit you back.

Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are.


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