13 July 2010

Let's Talk Eclipse

Watched this long awaited movie last Friday with Lin & sisters. Been wanting to write the review since Saturday but then I was really occupied the whole weekend, accompanying my BFF from Kuantan. Tried to blog in the office earlier but my eyes couldnt compromise - they are hardly open through out the evening. I was so sleepy the whole day - not that I watched the World Cup's final but the truth is my too tired with all those activities I had over the weekend wif that fren of mine. Anyway, here goes my review for Eclipse....

The Story

To those who havent read the book, Eclipse is the continuation of the love triangle between Vampy Edward, mortal Bella and the hideous werewolf Jacob (who's obviously running out shirt since he runs around half-naked through out most of the movie, even when there was no need for him to do so). Besides the love triangle or should I say, Bella's stupid indecisiveness, this movie focused on the battle between the newborn vampires, recruited by Bella's long time enemy, Victoria with the alliance of Cullen's family & the howling pack - in order to protect Bella & the rest of the Fork's residence.

Did I Love It?

Of course I love it! What do you mean "did I love it?" Though Lin feels that Eclipse didnt gave the same impact to her as compared to New Moon, to me it's still a great movie. It's difficult for me not to be biased with the Twilight Saga movies - I love Twilight.....I love New Moon.....I love Eclipse & I am very, very sure I'll love Breaking Dawn too since that's my favourite ones beside Twilight. How can a Twilighter like me not like any of these movies? Those who love the series will love it, while those who loathe the series will loathe it. Simples.

My Likes

1. The tent scene is by far, my favourite though I hated it because I felt really bad for Edward. But then in this scene, it really showed how matured & kind-hearted Edward is - especially as compared to that selfish, immature wolf. This scene was far than perfect. It matched how I've pictured it in my mind when I read the book.

2. The proposal scene was so sweet. It was just beautiful and so sensual. I could actually felt the love from the way Edward looked at her. I wished Bella would cried when Edward "rejects" her, (like she did in the book) but I can live without it. Especially since we get to hear "I promise to love you every day of forever." *sigh*

3. The "passing off" scene between Edward and Jacob was pretty entertaining. She goes from one hot kiss from Edward, to a half-naked Jacob who wraps her in his warm arms. The look on Edwards face was hilarious. I really enjoyed the love triangle scenes.

4. Those 2 particular scenes with Jasper & Alice in it - the training scene and the one right after Jasper's flashbacks scene as Alice tells Jasper he kept her waiting and Jasper replied “sorry to have kept you waiting, ma'am” and then the little kiss. They were so cute together in this movie. Everbody kept going awww at their moments.

5. The bad vampy, Riley - acted by Xavier Samuel. He's so damn gorgeous. Me & Lin kept on drooling over him every time he appeared on the screen. Both of us agreed that he suited the Edward Cullen's character much better than that skinny Rob Pattinson. I could still remembered my disappointment when I first saw Rob being Edward in Twilight. He's nothing like Stephenie Meyer described him in her book.

5. The perfections of the wolves. The CGI on the wolves is excellently done. Every scene with the wolves is perfect. They looks real & awesome.

My Dislikes

1. The death of the vampires - it doesnt looked real at all! It almost looked like ice being ripped apart especially with that ice-breaking sound effect. When Edward kills Victoria (everyone cheered in the theater, by the way) it looked a little silly, to me. They've made Victoria's head looked like a mannequin instead.

2. The newborn fight with the Cullens. The fight scenes were great and full with action but they were too quick to really appreciate them.

3. Jacob & Bella's kiss. This part of the story made me want to throw the book across the room the first time I read it. I hate Bella for hurting Edward's feeling by kissing that emotional immature wolf. I mean, how can you love 2 different man at the same time? Stupid!

4. Jacob being topless most of the time - put the T-shirt on for goodness sake ! If the female werewolf could put on her shirt through out the movie, why cant the boys too? Duhhhhhh........

Cool Lines

1. Edward's to Bella (referring to Jacob), "Doesnt he own a shirt?" during the "passing-off" scene.

2. Charlie's to Bella, "Virgin, I am starting to like Edward more." Hilarious.

3. Jacob's to Edward during the tent scene, "Let's face it, I am hotter than you...". Poor Edward.....he should have answered, "You maybe hotter, but at least I'm harder!" Wakawaka....

Writing these reviews makes me wanna watch the movie again and most probably I would.....


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