14 July 2010

My Salami Story

I stopped by @ Carrefour (in Axis, the newly opened shopping mall in Taman Cempaka, Ampang) after work today to get some Chicken Pastrami since I was into sandwiches for breakfast these days - not only it's good in taste, the preparation took less than 5 minutes. A very healthy & convenient options to start the day !

I used to buy those chicken / beef salamis from this brand called Gourmessa. They are quite good in terms of taste & quality. At Carrefour however, they only have one brand available which is Hjh Maznah Food Industry. My first impression when I saw it was good coz they're much more cheaper than Gourmessa - at least 20% lower. Taste wise, I cant comment much - not until I've tried them all. So, I end up buying 3 types - Chicken Pastrami, Beef Salami & Beef Pastrami. Cant wait to taste them......yummy !

At the payment counter, the cashier was scanning all these meats & it so happened that for one of them, the scanner machine cant read the bar code pasted on the packaging. She tried a few times but to no avail......and here comes the best part. After failing to scan the price, she then asked me,"Owhhh......looks like this particular ones cant be scanned.....do you actually want this?" She asked me while extending the Chicken Pastrami to my attention.

"Owhh.....of course I dont wanna it. I took it for fun. In fact, it was those meat that actually jumped inside my shopping cart when I passed by the counter just now. I guessed they must have been too excited looking at me in this bright orange tops which initiate them to do that suicidal jump. And that's how those salami & pastrami end up being inside my trolley. Interesting huh?"

I wished I could have said that to her. She's so lucky my hormones are at their best state of stability and I had quite a smooth day today in the office. Otherwise, things can turned quite ugly, I would say. C'mon, what does she mean when she asked me whether I want those meats? What the hell those meats were doing in my trolley if I do not want them? You dont need to have an IQ of a genius to figure that out isnt it? If she could put on those fake eyelashes onto her eyelids, why cant she put the same effort to check what the hell went wrong with those bar codes ????

I then looked straight into her eyes & told her that I want them all. She went off for a few minutes & came back with a strip of bar codes in her hand. Once I got everything in my shopping bag, I quickly left the hypermarket feeling very, very pissed. Those meats better be good & worth all the angers I've swallowed. That's it.....I rest my case !


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