20 July 2010

A Simple Thanks Will Do

I am an Application Engineer (AE) & have been that ever since I started my working life approximately 16 years ago. And I'm quite certain I would retire as an AE too since that's what I've always hoped for. 16 years of doing the same old thing - sounds pretty boring isnt it? But somehow or rather, I didnt actually felt that way - well, otherwise I wont be working here anymore, won't I?

I love being an AE & the work I'm doing. When I first started way back in 1994 (as a fresh grad), I was attached to this small local company which is the exclusive agent for Malaysia. My first week of working there was the most boring week in my entire life - I was given a few brochures about the product I'm supposed to be doing - something that I've never ever heard of before. How many of us knows what a "Control Valve" is? None, unless you're involved directly in the industry.

Reading or should I say, looking at those product bulletins for a week scares the shit out of me. I was totally blank & cant relate anything about Control Valve to the things that I've learned from my uni. It then makes me wonder whether I'm really fit for the job. At that point of time, I'm quite sure I'll create a history in the company for being the first employee to be fired due to my incompetency.

After a few months, I realized that things are not that bad after all. I slowly began to enjoy the kind of work I gotta do. It gave me some sense of pleasure & was feeling very honored for being given the opportunity to select the valves for most of the oil & gas industry throughout Malaysia. Since I'm working with an exclusive agent, only a few of us been given such an honorable task. In a way, it makes me feel very important & I'm so proud of myself with all the contributions I've made to one of the biggest industry in the world, and Malaysia specifically.

As one of my manager once told me - being a control valve's AE is a very rewarding career. And that is absolutely something I cant deny. I owed a lot to my job. Through my 16 years of dedication, there are indeed a lot of things I've learned ( besides all those overseas traveling) & achieved in life. What more can I asked for but to be blessed with all the opportunities being forwarded to me all these whiles. Alhamdulillah.

Still, though it sounded so perfect, like any other job, mine has its downside too. In my line of work, an AE's job covers both the technical & commercial review of the requisition / enquiry from the customer. This shall includes doing the sizing & selection of the valves in accordance to the customer's technical requirements & as well as quoting the prices to complete the proposal. The sales people on the other hand, will need to convince the customer that our proposal is the best among the rest.

I would say, both the applications & the sales played an important roles to secure the order (though I selfishly feels that the AE did most of the dirty jobs than the sales). It takes an effort from both parties to make it a success. The proposal wont be completed without the AE & the customer wont be convinced without the bullshits from the sales.

Well, that's exactly how the AE thought it was. Apparently what the sales have in their mind is something else. The AE would do all the shitty work & the sales would take all the glory & credit to themselves. The AE however would only get their name mentioned if they happened to lose the job. That's when the pointing fingers session started --> it's all due to the AE's technical incompetency !

This has been happening for as long as I could remember. And today, the history repeats. I received an email from our Sales Director congratulating our sales person for winning an order for this one particular job I'm completely involved with. And obviously, my name can only be found at the CC copy of that email & not being mentioned as part of the email itself (though my name is not as long & as complicated as the sales guy's name).

One thing I dont understand here is that, if that dickhead Director doesnt even wanna acknowledge all the efforts I've put in, why bother copying me the email ? If you think the other guy is the only one deserve the recognition, just send it to him only then. And if you think that is still not enough to represent your gratitude, go ahead & lick his face up to his ass, for crying out loud ! That way, both me & him would be happy & I dont have dirty my blog by having both of your stories in it.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is not the first time this ever happened. Anyway, I dont know what have gotten into me today that suddenly makes me feel the urge to reply to that dickhead's email. Here's how my reply sounds like : "Guys, dont you think I deserve a bit of thanks as well ?". Short & simple but strong enuff to gave a hard knock on that airhead of my Sales Director & Sales Manager.

The moment I hit the send button to reply that stupid email, I didnt expect to be getting any response from either one of them. Frankly, the only thing they could say in their reply is just a mere "sorry". And knowing these ball-less smartass, they would rather be shot to death than saying that magical word to an AE like me. Well, what do you expect - these two pricks are men ! Aaaaa.....now everything seems to make sense isn't it? Do I need to say more ?


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