06 November 2010

Marsya's Get Together Party

I have been looking forward to this long weekend as I've specifically planned out something for myself. I've been very, very busy (when am I not, btw?? ) for the past few weeks & thought of pampering myself for the 3 days 2 night of rejuvenating & revitalizing holiday @ DC Resort. DC Resort is forever my favourite getaway spot as far as relaxing is concerned. It's the best - as I dont even have to leave my house to be there - it's home sweet home !

Unfortunately, things dont always end up as how we want it to be.....huhuhu. I've to forgo my "holiday plans" due to an unforeseen circumstances. All in the name of love. If it's not becoz of my precious girl, I would be having a back sore by now for having my back glued to the sofa for the past 2 consecutive days.

Marsya has been planning a get-together party for her & her BFFs for the past 2 weeks which originally scheduled for next week. However, one of her BFF has other plans on the same day that she has to bring forward the date to this week instead. And that's how my long awaited plans got ruined.

The dedicated party planner

So yesterday, in conjunction with the Festival of Lights, I have six 11 year old girls in my house partying. Marsya has volunteered herself to be the party planner where she'll be responsible for everything except for food & beverages, of course. Good thing it's a kid's party - so, the pressure is not that intense on food.

It's party time !!!

After consulting the so called 'party planner', my only task is to prepare the Olio. Easy peasy. After putting all my thoughts together, I've decided to cook one of my signature dish which is known as Olio de Fusione. You know I like experimenting food & recipes in my kitchen & this particular dish is one of the best result (apart from the crappy ones) I've gained. It's a combination of both the Western & Eastern elements - something different from the traditional Olio we used to have.

Opppssss.....looks like I went a bit too far on the Olio subject when it's the party that I should be talking about. That's how easy I got distracted when it comes to food / cooking. Anyway, the party went on quite well. They eat, play & have lots n lots of fun. Marsya did a good job in the games department. She has lined up quite a number of interesting games for her & her frens. After they are done with all the eating & playing and since it is still early, I've decided to take them for a swim at the PGH hotel. At least I got to work out at the gym while they had a splashing fun at the pool.

By the end of the day, all of the girls are pretty much contented with Marsya being the happiest ones. She's so happy her party was a success & she kept on saying that it was the best party ever. As for her mummy, she's now looking forward to the next R&R (Revitalize & Rejuvenate) holiday possible. Ouchhh.....this old body suddenly aches !

Pssssttttt : Last night the impossible has somehow becomes real....too bad it's just a dream.


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