03 November 2010

Winter In Malaysia?

As much as I love going for a window shopping in places like Zara, Gap, Marks & Spencer so on & so forth, it's this time of the year where I'm a bit reluctant to do so. Going to these places now would gives me more disappointment rather than pleasure. Ask me why?

I was in KLCC yesterday for my usual window shopping at the above named stores & all of them are currently promoting their Autumn / Winter collections. At one point I had to ask myself, which part of the world am I now? Coz for all I know, Malaysia is a one season country - the sun is out all year round. But at those stores, you can find all those thick wool & furry coats & tops starts dominating the clothes racks already. 80% of their products would comprises of these types of clothing only......duhhhhh.

@ Zara KLCC

This is one scenario which never fails to amaze me every freaking year. On what ground does these people feels that Malaysian needs winter clothing as part of their attire? Dont they know that in this country only water falls from the sky and not snow? Just where does all those senses had gone to? Just becoz it's shivering cold there in the West, it doesnt mean that the Eastern had to join the party too.

Thanks for your assistance dear !

I understands that the market for warm clothing is still there for a group of people who likes to travel during winter & wanting to do it in style. But then, you dont have to occupy 3/4 of the store selling these types of clothing. Having a section of winter collections at one corner would be sufficient enough to cater to their needs.

This is taken @ Gap KLCC

Anyway, looking at the bright side - at least I'm not tempted to spend money going to these places throughout this period of time !


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