24 November 2010

Love & Stupidity

Love and stupidity go hand in hand most of the times. These two elements are separated by just one very fine line in between of them. Love doesn't make us 'stupid' per se ... but it does tend to make us silly and blind, which can appear to be 'stupid' or make us do 'stupid' things.

Believe me - we've all been there. Even if you didnt (boy, are you lucky !), I did and so did most of us. Everyone at one point (or even more) did something really dumb & foolish in the name of love. I wont spell out here all those stupid things I ever did as it would be too painful now, though it feels the opposite back then ~ big sigh ~

Being a woman, our greatest weakness is our emotions. Women are a damn fragile & emotional creatures. Thus, we tend to put a lot (sometimes too much) of caring & love in a relationship. And men, on the other hand would put nothing into it but instead would take women for granted, which is by far, men's greatest talent. Bloody assholes !

Okay, I'm not saying only women do the stupid things when they are in love. Men too but the majority would still be women due to that delicate heart of theirs. In fact, everybody seems to lose their ability to think straight when their heart is filled with nothing else but love.

I know a friend who just find out that her husband is having an affair. She somehow managed to get the girl's phone no. give her a piece of her mind for good. When the husband finds out, he got really pissed & make the wife apologize to his girlfriend of which she abides to it. Damn, I thought! How stupid was that?

Another friend of mind who was continuously got thrown to the wall and punched at the face by her husband. Leaving him? No. Why? Coz she loves him still & hoping that he'll changed someday.

Being stupid is one thing but being stupid to the extent of risking your own life is totally unacceptable. This is the saddest part of being in love (for women in particular) - they'll put the priority on their heart over the brain. They becomes so vulnerable that they'll blind themselves with their very own emotions. Sometimes what they thought love isn't love at all. For all we know, it is plain stupidity.

I know relationships will have it's ups and downs but really, ladies where do you draw the line? How many times are you really going to let your spouses get away with things? Sure we've all been cheated on, lied to, deceived but for how many times, for God's sake? How often? Aren't you tired of it?

Don't get me wrong here as I don't blame those women for trying to keep their family together and making their relationship works, but sometimes you just have to stop being "stupid" and naive to the things that has been going on around you, and start to stand up for yourself. Because the minute you settled for less than you deserve, you'll get less than you settled for.

So don't ignore that fact that your man stayed out all night or cheated a couple of million times. It's okay to forgive people but when you look at your relationship and it's like a reality show or soap opera filled with drama, then it's time to learn to let go. I am so sick & tired of people saying "I can't, I'm in love"......So tell me, what is love?

I'm calling for all ladies to stop being stupid and weak, because as long as you allow men to do what he wants and keep on accepting him back, he'll never change. Learn to let go. Don't be afraid to be alone, don't be unsecured and most importantly don't be stupid. Because who ever you are with, God didn't stop making men after He made him.

You only have ONE life to live. Why would you want to live it being stressed out and miserable all the time? Sometimes you just need to put a stop to it, let go and move on. It's his loss anyway, not yours. And sooner or later, someone whom you deserves better will come along to appreciate you, Insyallah.

Pssstttt : I am stupid coz I keep on dreaming the most impossible dream !!!!


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