19 November 2010

Happy Friday

The moment I saw this quote, I've fallen in love with it. Love it....love it.....simply loves it ! It’s just so beautiful, so inspirational and so true as well. It teaches us not to give up and never to lose hope. How often do we think we’ve reached the lowest point possible in life just to see a new dawn on the horizon?

Even if you think you've hit rock bottom that nothing can be any more worse, it doesnt mean the end of the world. Things can always pick up. Everybody has the power to make the situations better and God is always there by our side to help us out.

Dont let go....never give up. It's such a wonderful life !

Happy Friday to all & may this weekend be one of your greatest weekend ever !

Pssstttt : The pressure is now on.......gifts, gifts, gifts.....what should I buy ????


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