15 November 2010

She Doesnt Like The Flowery Bag

The above is a picture of a pink flowery sling bag. Honestly, what do you think of it? It is cute right? Sweet flowery motives all over & pink in colour - it's very nice indeed. At one look, it can be THE bag any girl would like to own.

Unfortunately I was so, very wrong. That was the exact thought I had in my head when I saw the bag - where every girl would love to have it. I was really sure that it'll be a pleasant surprise for my girl when she comes back from her dad's place on Sunday night. I was so excited about it that I keep on telling her in advance that I have a surprise waiting to greet her home.

Apparently, what is supposed to be something pleasant has turned out to be sour. Though at least it is still a "surprise" as I expected it to be - only thing is, it was me who was surprised rather than the original subject.

Marsya didnt like the bag. She didnt like that cute pink flowery bag I bought her. The worst part is that, the bag is too flowery & only good for the older people, according to her. "You take la, mummy.....I dont want," she said. "Only the modern design suits me," she added.

My God.....at that point of time, I just felt 50 years older. And all along, I thought I am one vogue & fashionable woman. But with that comment coming out from an 11 year old girl obviously crushes all those images / perceptions I had on myself all these whiles. Damn !

My daughter is growing up too fast than she's supposed to be. If my mum gave me that very same handbag 29 years ago, I would be jumping to joy - I might even shed some tears for all I know ( okay....I'm a bit exaggerating here but who the heck cares? ). With the speed she's going right now, I dont think I would be able to cope. Even now, she's far ahead of me & this bag situation proofs it. Huhuhu......

A few lessons to be learned from this :

a. Dont bother buying gifts for your growing up girl when she's not there with you.

b. Just bcoz it's pink, doesnt mean your girl's gonna like it

c. Flowery design is nice but not when the flowers are too much.

d. Modern design accessories is much more preferred these days

I thought I knew my daughter very well......guess I was wrong. At least I've learned something out of this - though it was quite an unpleasant ones.

Pssttttt : Damn ! It's already 12 & I havent start anything yet !!!!


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